PyPhi is a Python library for computing integrated information.

If you use this software in your research, please cite the paper:

Mayner WGP, Marshall W, Albantakis L, Findlay G, Marchman R, Tononi G. (2018) PyPhi: A toolbox for integrated information theory. PLOS Computational Biology 14(7): e1006343.

To report issues, use the issue tracker on the GitHub repository. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome.

For general discussion, you are welcome to join the pyphi-users group.


To install the latest stable release, run

pip install pyphi

To install the latest development version, which is a work in progress and may have bugs, run

pip install "git+"


For detailed instructions on how to install PyPhi on macOS, see the Detailed installation guide for macOS.


Windows users: PyPhi is only supported on Linux and macOS operating systems. However, you can run it on Windows by using the Anaconda Python distribution and installing PyPhi with conda: conda install -c wmayner pyphi