PyPhi is a Python library for computing integrated information.

To report issues, please use the issue tracker on the GitHub repository. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome.

For general discussion, you are welcome to join the pyphi-users group.


Each version of PyPhi has its own documentation—make sure you’re looking at the documentation for the version you’re using. You can switch documentation versions in the bottom-left corner.

The stable version of the documentation corresponds to the most recent stable release of PyPhi; this is the version you have if you installed PyPhi with pip install pyphi. The latest version corresponds to the most recent unreleased development version (which may have bugs).


To install the latest stable release, run

pip install pyphi

To install the latest development version, which is a work in progress and may have bugs, run

pip install "git+"

For detailed instructions on how to install PyPhi on macOS, see the installation guide.


PyPhi is only supported on Linux and macOS operating systems; Windows is not supported.