Package-wide constants.

class pyphi.constants.Direction

Constants that parametrize cause and effect methods.

Accessed using Direction.PAST and Direction.FUTURE.

PAST = 0
pyphi.constants.EPSILON = 1e-06

The threshold below which we consider differences in phi values to be zero.

pyphi.constants.FILESYSTEM = 'fs'

Label for the filesystem cache backend.

pyphi.constants.DATABASE = 'db'

Label for the MongoDB cache backed.

pyphi.constants.PICKLE_PROTOCOL = 4

The protocol used for pickling objects.

pyphi.constants.joblib_memory = Memory(cachedir='__pyphi_cache__/joblib')

The joblib Memory object for persistent caching without a database.

pyphi.constants.EMD = 'EMD'

Earth Movers Distance

pyphi.constants.KLD = 'KLD'

Kullback-Leibler Divergence

pyphi.constants.L1 = 'L1'

L1 distance

pyphi.constants.MEASURES = ['EMD', 'KLD', 'L1']

All available measures