Functions for computing concepts and constellations of concepts.

pyphi.compute.concept.concept(subsystem, mechanism, purviews=False, past_purviews=False, future_purviews=False)

Return the concept specified by a mechanism within a subsytem.

  • subsystem (Subsystem) – The context in which the mechanism should be considered.
  • mechanism (tuple[int]) – The candidate set of nodes.
Keyword Arguments:
  • purviews (tuple[tuple[int]]) – Restrict the possible purviews to those in this list.
  • past_purviews (tuple[tuple[int]]) – Restrict the possible cause purviews to those in this list. Takes precedence over purviews.
  • future_purviews (tuple[tuple[int]]) – Restrict the possible effect purviews to those in this list. Takes precedence over purviews.

The pair of maximally irreducible cause/effect repertoires that constitute the concept specified by the given mechanism.

Return type:


class pyphi.compute.concept.ComputeConstellation(iterable, *context)

Engine for computing a constellation.

description = 'Computing concepts'
static compute(mechanism, subsystem, purviews, past_purviews, future_purviews)

Compute a concept for a mechanism, in this subsystem with the provided purviews.

process_result(new_concept, concepts)

Save all concepts with non-zero phi to the constellation.

pyphi.compute.concept.constellation(subsystem, mechanisms=False, purviews=False, past_purviews=False, future_purviews=False, parallel=False)

Return the conceptual structure of this subsystem, optionally restricted to concepts with the mechanisms and purviews given in keyword arguments.

If you don’t need the full constellation, restricting the possible mechanisms and purviews can make this function much faster.


subsystem (Subsystem) – The subsystem for which to determine the constellation.

Keyword Arguments:
  • mechanisms (tuple[tuple[int]]) – Restrict possible mechanisms to those in this list.
  • purviews (tuple[tuple[int]]) – Same as in concept().
  • past_purviews (tuple[tuple[int]]) – Same as in concept().
  • future_purviews (tuple[tuple[int]]) – Same as in concept().
  • parallel (bool) – Whether to compute concepts in parallel. If True, overrides config.PARALLEL_CONCEPT_EVALUATION.

A tuple of every Concept in the constellation.

Return type:



Return the conceptual information for a subsystem.

This is the distance from the subsystem’s constellation to the null concept.